i have no reason to live
“i have no reason to live

I have no reason to live : Does depression ever go away?

Do you feel like “i have no reason to live”? Sometimes depression can begin to play games for you; it sometimes comes and goes because it pleases and you really are never quite certain sure that it is there or otherwise. People who have it may not even know it. Whatever form of depression you’re suffering from, YOU can cure yourself, if you apply your head positively towards an answer.

Because depression is often internalized, it manifests itself as self hatred. Having thoughts of suicide can oftentimes apparently effect the depressed individual who is thinking of a secure alternative to homicidal thoughts; they are not as dangerous as homicidal thoughts or otherwise wrong at all. They don’t grasp the gravity of what the thoughts want. A person who is depressed is playing by the rules with the depression instead of their normal behavior. If someone speaks about suicide, even flippantly, it must be taken very seriously. Whomever a depressed person confides in should constantly press for therapy and or medication because thats the next step.

The grieving process or normal sadness becomes no more healthy when that crying proceeds for weeks to months and includes feelings of worthlessness, helplessness and hopelessness for oneself as well as one’s own life. But a diagnosis of depression is not only comprised of a long duration of a regrettable feeling.

Depression can usually be treated with medication, psychological counseling, or a melding of the two. The counseling is critical to discuss losing interest in activities a depressed person may have enjoyed and/or loss of concentration with work/school. By discussing what they were getting out of an activity, he/she may slowly find reason to recommit to doing the activity, which may be therapeutic on numerous levels.

Depression can also lead to thoughts of suicide inside in the worst-case scenario. If you have thought about killing yourself, even one, you should get help without delay. Tell someone you love or call 9–1–1 or perhaps a local hotline for support. If you cannot do this catch a cab or a bus drive to the local er of a hospital in your area, see your doctor or therapist?s office, or, at the minimum, go to a public place. Give yourself some time to think about things prior to making any decisions. So does depression ever go away? Well, that depends on YOU