Vital aspects about Car Remapping

The manufacturers design a vehicle with average performance standards. This aspect is highly relevant in the case of engine. This standardization is done to fulfill the needs of all vehicle owners around the world. It does not mean that you have to be contented with a car that offers standard performance. There are options for improving the performance of a car and it is known as remapping. Generally speaking, this process refers to modifying a car engine’s electronic controls. Today, you can across highly competent companies that offer remapping services including Mercedes Benz, Ford, BMW and Audi remap Yeovil services.

How Do Best Remapping Companies Help Cars Generate More Power?

The most important aspect that determines the performance of a car is the engine. The combustion occurs in the engine for the power to be generated and outputted. When it comes to new generations cars, electronic components are the ones that control combustion and with the help of computer programs, engine is controlled by these components. Ignition, fuel and injection of oxygen are the things that are basically controlled. The best BMW, Mercedes or Audi remap Yeovil service providers always make sure that more increased amount of fuel is injected into the engine and the injection of enhanced quantity of air into the engine is also ensured. These processes lead to improved combustion occurring inside the engine to generate more power.

Improper Remapping Results In Serious Damage

When there is combustion, ignition occurs. The compressed fuel and oxygen are burnt by the sparks created and the ignition is normally performed in a timely manner that is regulated by the programs. When program modification is performed that influences the process of controlling the engine; it has to be done with utmost vigilance and care. Improper remapping leads to serious damage to the engine. It is a common thing when inexperienced people modify the ignition timing in an inaccurate way. You must always hire a reputed and reliable BMW, Audi or Mercedes remap Dorset companies to enjoy maximum benefits.

Learn About Valve Timing Modification

Highly reliable remapping companies perform EGR Blank Remap Somerset solutions to enhance the power of the engine. To companies also modify valve timing to improve the efficiency in the best possible way. Valves are the components that regulate the rate at which air gets into the engine and it is being done by closing and opening at different time intervals. The modification process normally lowers the intervals of the valve opening to permit increased quantity of air into the cylinders. When added amount of air is being injected and compressed, fuel burning comes down to improve the fuel economy.

The best beneficiaries of vehicle remapping are the cars equipped with a turbo charger. A turbo charger generally improves the performance of the engine by creating more power. The performance of all vehicles fitted with turbo engines can be best enhanced by remapping and you must always hire a reputed and dependable service provider like ECU Remapping Southwest for these types of complex tasks.

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