An Open Letter from a Black Man to His White Family in a Moment of Violence
rad fag

“… I’ve gained employment in the acceptable fields of social justice. For years, you told me these were the things I needed to do in order to be listened to.”

You did, but too many of your brothers and sisters didn’t, and because of that you are paying the price for their actions. Look at the recent riots — why the looting, why burning vehicles and trucks, why beating up young white women (twins) and white men who just happen to be close by. Isn’t this exactly what you’re suppose to be protesting against? As the saying goes “I don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing” and I don’t need to be black to know what your issues are. Instead of white racial blaming, speak out and chastise your brothers and sisters if you have the courage, ask them to do in a positive way, what you did, lift their positions — like you and so many other African Americans did. Then and only then will you make a difference, for everyone.

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