Distributed Commerce — A Big Term for E-Commerce 

Distributed commerce adds a whole other dimension to the e-commerce industry.

Jun 11, 2014 · 3 min read

Throughout the year, we have started to hear a new term in the world of E-Commerce: distributed commerce. Distributed commerce allows consumers to purchase products directly from the content they are reading online without needing to jump to another page or website. And thankfully, the tools and technology to take advantage of this trend towards distributed commerce are already available to businesses looking to make shopping easier for their customers.

Rather than a customer needing to navigate to a traditional online storefront or even another site to purchase a product, distributed commerce enables them to buy directly and immediately from the articles, blogs and social media they are already browsing. By embedding e-commerce widgets within a website’s content online, merchants are able to connect more directly with consumers and target their shopping interests more specifically. Publishers and bloggers can more easily monetize their content and businesses can develop more compelling and innovative content.

Online shopping carts, such as Ecwid, allow sellers to quickly and easily incorporate the ability to sell products on any website, mobile site or social media page, and take full advantage of distributed commerce. By adding only a few lines of code, businesses can connect directly with consumers unobtrusively within the context of sites they already visit.

Whether shopping online at home or using their smart phones while in a physical store, consumers already consult the trusted opinions of their favorite blogs and social media friends when they are considering a purchase. And shoppers will ultimately be able to make a purchase in a store without ever having to visit the checkout counter simply by scanning a QR code with their smart phones. By empowering consumers to purchase within the context of these familiar interfaces, distributed commerce makes shopping easier for the customer and selling more agile for businesses.

As consumers spend increasing amounts of time on social media pages, blogs and mobile devices, the need for businesses to meet them in those spaces is obvious. Distributed commerce creates a more streamlined and pleasurable experience for users and empowers businesses to connect more closely and more often with potential customers. Using e-commerce tools such as Ecwid and embedding the shopping experience within the content that consumers already read will elevate the entire shopping experience to new heights. So, while some of your ambitious New Year’s resolutions may eventually fade, don’t let the advantages of distributed commerce escape you this year.

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