Mar 21, 2017 · 3 min read

Product Ideas Deserve To Be Liberated

We all have experienced the delight of getting an exciting gift or finding a new interesting product! As a child, it might have been a custom toy. As an adult, It might have been handmade jewelry. It might be that sports gift that your buddy found for you. Whatever that product was, it was exciting to get that and we still remember it.

Ideas In Our Heads

There are so many great products and so many new ideas for new products. Millions of everyday people around the globe are constantly thinking of interesting things that others want. While there are tons of new ideas all the time, from all corners of the world, unfortunately most of those ideas never get created or delivered to a child or person to enjoy those products. They sit in someone’s head forever and never come to fruition. It’s a waste of a great idea.

We all enjoy those products and there are so many ideas, so why is there such a huge gap between that supply and demand? Why can’t both the person wanting new products and the person with the product idea help each other, creating a win-win situation?

Idea Liberation

The Internet is one of the most, if not the most, technological innovations this world has ever seen. It’s helped us all in so many ways, including helping us to more easily find that perfect gift for our loved one, especially when it was created on the other side of the world. It’s helped the entrepreneur to get his/her business started. But we are just scratching the surface on leveraging the Internet to delight consumers and help people to create and deliver their product ideas. We are starting to see the benefits, but there is still too much friction in the idea-to-purchase process. That said, I think it’s fair to say that…



E-commerce provides people with product ideas as well as people wanting new products the ability to accomplish their goal. Technology and the internet are the key to e-commerce, bring ideas to fruition, being discovered and being sold. E-commerce will change all of our lives for the better, and it’s just getting started!

We at Ecwid think a lot about how to democratize e-commerce globally for businesses, entrepreneurs and everyone. It’s exciting to think that this e-commerce revolution is just getting started and we believe that it will have a massive impact on people around the globe.

Do you agree that PRODUCT IDEAS deserve to be LIBERATED? If so, how do you think are the best ways for product ideas to be liberated? What are your thoughts and ideas? Leave a comment on this blog or share your thoughts on social media with the hashtag #LiberateProductIdeas .


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