“Open” companies can and will change the world. A massive shift is happening. Those that are open will have a bigger impact than those that are closed.

First, let’s define “open”. Open is accessible, free, and available. Open is choice, flexibility, freedom and liberty.

Lots of things can be open. Open source software is free and available for anyone to use. The Internet opens up free-flowing information. Some people are open minded, creating opportunity for them. An open door policy invites communication. Open software platforms such as Android provide flexibility. …

Product Ideas Deserve To Be Liberated

We all have experienced the delight of getting an exciting gift or finding a new interesting product! As a child, it might have been a custom toy. As an adult, It might have been handmade jewelry. It might be that sports gift that your buddy found for you. Whatever that product was, it was exciting to get that and we still remember it.

Ideas In Our Heads

There are so many great products and so many new ideas for new products. Millions of everyday people around the globe are constantly thinking of interesting things…

Ecwid E-Commerce

If you’ve been thinking about creating an online store for your business, you may be wondering when is the right time to launch it. Well, the short answer is: right now.

Once you have created a website for your business, there’s no reason you should delay in taking advantage of all that e-commerce can deliver. Creating an online store for your brick-and-mortar store is incredibly important to stay competitive and meet customer expectations. …

Distributed commerce adds a whole other dimension to the e-commerce industry.

Throughout the year, we have started to hear a new term in the world of E-Commerce: distributed commerce. Distributed commerce allows consumers to purchase products directly from the content they are reading online without needing to jump to another page or website. And thankfully, the tools and technology to take advantage of this trend towards distributed commerce are already available to businesses looking to make shopping easier for their customers.

Rather than a customer needing to navigate to a traditional online storefront or even another site to purchase a product, distributed commerce enables them to buy directly and immediately from…


Free shopping cart that can be integrated with any site in 5 minutes (really). Simply copy and paste directly into your existing site, blog or Facebook page.

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