Get to know Eczema and spread awareness!

Eczema generally refers to the chronic skin disorder or the skin condition that is mostly characterized by scaly, dry, red, itchy skin. Only the person suffering from eczema knows the pain he is actually going through. An eczema patient suffers from oozed patches that become red, scaly, hard and crusted under the favorable conditions and become breathing grounds for bacteria. The cause of eczema is unknown, however, more studies are focusing on this dieases as it’s spreading rapidly around the world. Generally, the hypothesis is that Eczema is caused via the amalgamation of genetic and environmental factors.

Eczema can affect any part of your body mostly found on the back of the knees, bends of the arms and these symptoms can uniquely range from mild to severe with each passing day. We came across many types of eczema i.e Atopic dermatitis, hand eczema, contact dermatitis, stasis dermatitis, dermatitis atopica, neurodermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis.