Today we’re taking a break.

We’ve been waist-deep in our series , but today I want to talk about one key way to pull off a successful career change.

So many of us have hopes for doing amazing things, things that can seem ‘out there’…

Some of us are natural planners. One time on a flight I sat next to a man like that.

In his mid-twenties, this man worked for the government. He explained that after ten years in his position, he would receive a pension and then move into private consulting as his…

Ever found a parking ticket on your car windshield?

Whenever it happens to me, my first thought is usually ‘this is ridiculous!’ It feels like the exact opposite of a random act of kindness.

Sometimes I wish parked cars weren’t tracked so carefully.

But certain information I do want closely…

‘Be a lifelong learner.’

I met someone at a work conference who said this to me once. He said it earnestly, and I could see that he was following his own advice.

But that doesn’t mean choosing to keep learning is easy. It takes a strong motivation.

When it comes…

Back in the 1970s, after losing his job as a pastor, Richard Bolles became very interested in jobs and careers.

He and his friends were all feeling the weight of budget crunches, and Bolles saw that for many of them, finding other work would soon be necessary. With young families…

The other day I was browsing the career services website of a major university. They had a lot going on!

There were seminars, workshops, and career fairs; there were coaches who would meet with students by last name, there were tips on how to write a resume, how to write…

A recent NYT op-ed asks a fascinating question:

The author notes that in the US, public opinion seems to stand firmly on the ‘passion’ side. We’re told to listen to our passions, follow them, and not settle for less.

This message works powerfully on…

There we sat around the conference room table.

About a dozen of us were meeting to develop our careers and come up with ways of contributing to our company. …

Normally, a career crossroads is something we’d try to avoid.

Maybe we were moving along in our career, doing our best to get along and keep our head above water. Work was hard enough as it was, and we didn’t want to make things more difficult.

Time passed, and even…

Ed Burdette

Author, learner, career-changer

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