The Engagement Philosophy

Nudging Creativity — Student-Directed Projects

  1. Creativity involves working in a medium. The medium may be conceptual, as in mathematics, or physics of light. It may involve a physical medium: a musical instrument, clay, fabrics or steel. For many people, creative ability is stimulated by the ‘feel’ of the materials and the activity in question. If a person does not find their best medium, they may never discover what their creative potential is, and never experience the pleasures, satisfactions and achievements that follow.
  2. Creativity is sometimes seen as an entirely individual process. The popular image of creative genius is of the lone individual producing unique insights out of the air. Some individuals do work alone, and the course of history has been changed by the extraordinary creative insights of particularly gifted people. But for most people, creative achievement always draws from the ideas and achievements of other people: from the books, theories, poems, music, architecture, design and the rest that mark the trails of other people’s creative journeys. Just as different modes of thinking interact in a single mind, individual creativity is affected by dialogue with others. In these ways, creative development is intimately related to cultural development and value education. Creative practical engagement provides opportunities to share different cultural influences, challenge received thinking, and develop means for expression, critical thought and problem-solving skills.

Nudging Morality — Enabler-Directed Projects

The ultimate point of education is to make a person socially responsible and morally strong. History lessons make bed time stories, democratic politics that share no personal connect are just taught just for the sake of marks which are mere numbers. Making a child socially aware of his surroundings and giving them a holistic development are the ones which the system should focus. We are staunch believers of action than words. Our methodology primarily involves a theme based flexible curriculum which imparts a social responsibility and a strong morality to the students.

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