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Last Friday was an exciting day as our company RedSwan CRE formally announced a partnership with Coinbase to accelerate adoption of blockchain digital securities backed by commercial real estate. Please click here for the original press release.

As I mentioned in my inaugural Medium post, we are using blockchain tech to digitize equity limited partnership shares of Class A CRE, making large buildings more tradeable, liquid, and affordable. RedSwan CRE is helping real estate sponsors/owners raise equity capital from accredited investors in the US under Reg D and foreign investors under Reg S. …

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The introduction of new technologies and ways of conducting business often begins with a period of experimentation as well as speculative fever as markets attempt to pick the winner(s). This is followed by a longer period of maturation as a small handful of pioneers end up becoming dominant players and companies in other industries identify ways to adapt the technology to make their own operations more efficient and effective. The best modern example of this is the late-1990s emergence of E-Commerce. Companies like Amazon and eBay were formed in this era and became great success stories.

COVID-19 has escalated digital transformation across the globe. Prior to COVID, many organizations had planned to build out more technology options for their employees to be more productive through working remotely. For many Fortune 1000 companies, this was planned to be phased in over the next few years. Now digital transformation is a necessity for successful business in a post-COVID marketplace. The world will no longer operate like it did prior to this pandemic experience. Leaders are faced with serious challenges to existing business models to consider what must, or should, be changed or enhanced. Success is now incumbent on a company’s ability to adapt quickly. Organizations must learn to adapt and continue finding innovative ways to carry on, to remain competitive and relevant. Creative contingency plans are now a priority for companies who want to survive. …


Edward Nwokedi

Founder and CEO of a commercial real estate marketplace for digital asset investments of equity ownership leveraging the blockchain.

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