New Features & Your Feedback

The past few days have been huge—so many people are taking the opportunity to try out open dialogue for the first time.

I wanted to share a brief update on what we’re planning to build next, as well as make a request for your feedback.

New feature: storing past dialogues

We have started to work on a feature that will allow you to download a copy of your past conversations during any given session.

This opens up a whole new aspect of the experience. Examining conversations from earlier in the week or even months prior can be illuminating and help us make deeply meaningful connections as we observe the patterns of our thoughts and behaviours.

For those who prefer to have their words disappear upon refreshing the page, and start over each time they come back, that will still be possible.

Your feedback is essential

We have had a huge number of people stop by and experiment with the program — that’s fantastic to know. That being said, your feedback can go a long way in helping us understand what you do and do not find helpful and enjoyable about the program.

Please take a moment to fill out this single-question feedback form when you have a moment.

Thank you so much for your support and your time. We look forward to hearing from you.

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