Responsive Cereal

A couple of years ago I made a silly illustration demonstrating the differences between UI, UX and product (as I see it) using cereal to convey the message.

Well, my free time got the better of me again, so I thought I’d tackle the subject of content parity.

Responsive website development has filtered its way through most of the web development community, but we’re still learning about how users consume the same content on different platforms.

Google also recently announced some changes in the way sites are ranked depending on how they handle mobile traffic, penalising those who try to serve a different web to mobile users vs. desktop users.

And there’s the old scroll to website footers trying to find the“load desktop site” link, we’ve all been there.

In the end, I couldn’t say it as well as these two great articles do, so I illustrated it instead.

Also, it’s just for fun .

Feel free to reuse and repost the illustration keeping the credit in place.