This is going to be a difficult time for many founders. This article is a guide to planning your finances in the coronavirus age.

How long will the coronavirus impact startups?

To plan your finances, you first need to consider how long this situation will last, since any financial plan will depend on that.

Unfortunately, there isn’t going to be a great answer to this from anyone— it’s impossible to predict the future. But our best-guess analysis is we’re expecting the rest of 2020 for a coronavirus recovery in the venture capital industry, and could be longer. The reason is:

We live in tragic and uncertain times in this global crisis. We’re in a new world today and things have changed dramatically since a few weeks ago. I’d like to take this opportunity to give advice and recommendations for how investors can react to the coronavirus.

Market Segments

Due to self quarantining, certain industries will be more in-favor, and others will be challenged.

Projected challenging industries:

  • Transportation — due to travel bans and self quarantining
  • Hotels — lack of travel will cause a dip in hotel bookings
  • Sports — crowds can’t gather, sports teams can’t interact
  • Spas — customers will…

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The event, which has historically been the largest gathering of developers across the globe, is a pure-virtual, not-for-profit event, which aims to educate and encourage the advancement of technology, regardless of location or socioeconomic status. It aims to build awareness and further the advancement of future technologies.

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Ed Roman

Managing Director, Hack VC.

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