#ethicalCS: Networks

Networks are an essential part of Computer Science where computers are connected via rules and protocols to share information. This allows us to build massive networks like the internet. But it can also lead to ethical issues worth pondering. Here is a guide to help you and your student dig into the topic.

Saber Khan
Nov 29, 2017 · 2 min read

This is part of a series of documents meant support a discussion and investigation of ethics and morals in relation to the impact of computer science on the world at-large. You can find the rest of series here:

Introduction: In this document we will engage with the CS concept of Networks which

Networks, like the Internet, allow computers to interface with other computers through a set of rules, or protocols, that define how computers send and receive data. Protocols and standards are created and agreed upon by groups of people. (CSforAll NYC Blueprint).

This document is generated from the #ethicalCS Twitter chat. You can find the highlights from the chat on Networks here with Ingrid Burrington, Dan Phiffer, Jenn Schiffer, and others.


  1. How do we see and understand the complex the invisible infrastructure for the internet?
  2. How do we build better networks that can serve those who do underserved?
  3. How do we work to make the internet free and accessible to all?


  1. Technology exists to solve human problems so it requires an ethical perspective that cares about identity.
  2. Learning about technology holistically is essential.
  3. There is little accountability in the technology industry.
  4. The networks that enable the internet was developed by small, homogenous group of people.
  5. Networks is a force multiple for good and bad.
  6. The networks are governed by law and politics and requires a social contract.
  7. While the internet is digital it requires massive amount of physical space, energy and infrastructure.


Saber Khan

Written by

Educator. Email me at mrkhanatndv@gmail.com

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