Best TV Dramas of 2015.

Yeah, I watch a lot of TV. It’s got to be good to warrant my time, especially the writing. With so much good writing these days, I can barely keep up. But it sure is fun to try.

1. Fargo — The story was snappy-patter fast paced and enthralling. Pair that with incredible acting from Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons (we call him “Evil Matt Damon” from Breaking Bad), Bokeem Woodbine, Jean Smart, lord really the entire cast and the GREAT use of split-screen and the perfect and I mean PERFECT rendering of late 1970’s sets and costume and you have something really special. So special I never DVR’d but watched when it aired. Which is saying something.

2. Mad Men — Fargo just inched out my very favorite TV drama of all time. The storylines were amazing this season, the acting stellar as always. Matthew Weiner and company created scenes and dialogue that will stay with me for a long time. Don calls Betty and learns of her cancer. Peggy skating. Peggy walking in with her octopus print. Joan standing in charge at her company desk on the phone. Wow. Just wow.

3. The Leftovers — I can’t love this show enough. Tom Perrotta had his book to work with in Season 1, but Season 2 was created entirely from scratch and what a story! It didn’t matter if the episode revolved around Kevin Garvey, Matt Jamison, or Erika Murphy (please give Regina King an Emmy!) I was riveted. What I loved was what I used to fume about during Lost. No matter how crazy the plot got, there was always some kind of resolution. Damon Lindelof learned his lesson evidently. So damn creative and such an interesting, deeply-layered premise. I hope it comes back.

4. Bloodline — I’m giving this show kudos because it tricked me. I gave up after the first episode because I thought I’d seen it before. I thought I knew how it would turn out. Nope. Went back and it sucked me in but good. This is a slow burn folks. So slow you don’t even know you’re burning until it’s too late. And what a finale! Please please please give Ben Mendelsohn every award in the book. He deserves it.

5. The Knick — This show! Did you know Steven Soderbergh, rather than filming each episode in sequence, tackles it like a movie? Which means if they have a scene in a hospital operating room, they film EVERY SCENE OF THAT SEASON in that room before moving on. That’s crazy. And incredible. Amazing performances all around including Bono’s daughter (yes, that Bono) Eve Hewson. I predict great things for her. Clive Owen is amazing as always and Andre Holland proves once again he can fucking act his ass off. My favorite character? Chris Sullivan who plays Tom Cleary. Steals every scene he’s in. Just wonderful stuff here if you can handle the operating room gore which makes The Walking Dead look like an episode of Romper Room. The finale this season seemed like an ending, but I hope not. There are more surgeries to perform I believe.

Honorable Mentions: Ray Donovan, The Affair, Better Call Saul

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