You Don’t Need Your Phone — A Poem For All Drivers

This poem is inspired by the all-too constant stream of stories, of people using their phones while driving. Especially this tragic story

The meeting’s been cancelled
I’ve locked myself out 
Can you get some milk on the way back.

How are you doing?
Are you going to the match?
Cancel dinner, I’ve just had a snack.

Did my phone just ring?
I could have sworn that it did. 
Let me check it again to be sure.

A new track, an old favourite,
Where is that song?
I know I saved it here somewhere before.

A Facebook post
A tweet or a snap 
A text message that simply can’t wait.

Let me check it again
I must do it now
I need my phone whatever the fate.

An 11 year old girl
Two boys, oh so young,
A loving mother of three.

Their lives are now lost
At the cost of some tune
Why check your phone, what’s the need?

I know it wasn’t you,
it couldn’t be that,
you’re so much more careful, right?

Then listen again
4 lives, needless lost
Why take the risk and kill futures so bright.

Lives are in danger, 
I’m not distorting this point, 
So, turn your phone off when you drive.

There is no simple reason
Not one at all,
Yet it will keep more people alive.

10 miles an hour
15 at most
I don’t care what speed you flew.

Now, get off your phone
Keep your eyes on the road
Or the next death might even be you.