Metropolitan Museum of Manila-Midterm Project

First is Tapas and Bodegones.

So the tapas it is all about food, it is more like spanish cuisines. The diffrence this tapas to the filipino culture of cooking, the tapas is more like “Pica pica” and fine dining, the utensils are very diffrent like to us we use palayok to cook or to cook in charcoal or we eat on the banana leaves. But on the tapas when i saw it, it is interesting also scary because i think it is very expensive tho.


Second is the philippine contemporary

This part of exhibit are very interesting but sadly we cannot take pictures. First i saw a sculpture?? using utensils like spoon, fork, pan and etc and i realize it was formed into a guitar, i was amazed tho. My favorite in timeline is the Life death and rebirth its all mystery and Just like a sea of mirrors; It was a video tht showing that top to bottom and bottom to top, how the bottle crushed and before the bottle crushed and ending up if you gather all the crushed bottle it was like a sea. It was cool tho because for me it is before and after, and the last is the realization or conclusion, it was like in real life before you doing a thing and after that you will see the cause and later on you realize it. Lastly is the Llindol muna bago pumutok, it is jukebox it was exist on old generation i think it is cool tho and i want to try it on how the jukebox works sadly there is a sign that don’t touch it.

Last Exhibit is the Gold and Pottery sadly we didn’t saw it because it is under renovation.

The diffrence in national museum and met museum. National museum is all about nation i guess because i saw it the difference the old generation to our generation. Some of them are exist until now or some is are exist but in different design?? Like the money. But the met museum shows a timeline on how the old generation up to our generation and diffrence in culture to the other countries. While we visited te met museum i can say it was really tiring rather to national museum and it was fun because there is no restriction because we can copy cat? The some of the paintings or sculptures rather to national museum every room their is a guard. And the fav part in the met museum there this in tapas were we can draw we spend more time there than to the others. And every chair we saw? We sit and ret after go around again.

Candid :))
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