Confused Why Donald Trump’s Message Is Resonating?
Benjy Boxer

“ The anger stems from a reasonable psychological reaction to relative economic comparisons and the very real difficulty that stagnating wages cause.”

First, wages are not stagnating. They are falling. That’s what it means when the median household income drops.

Second, the inability to support your family does not cause anger, it causes fear. Watching your progeny pulled back into the lower class does not cause anger, it causes despair.

What causes anger is the government implementing policies that cause your wages to decline, and the prospects for your children to diminish. What causes anger is democrats and the press claiming that all is well, when over half the populace is still in recession.

So, what should people in a Democracy do when the majority of them are suffering from the policies of the current government?*

Now you begin to understand Trump.

*I suppose according to you they ought to die out or become computer programmers. As if there are enough computer programming jobs, or ever will be, to make up the loss.

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