We have been really happy to work with the data.world team and excited to announce a new set of integrations between Algorithmia and data.world! If you aren’t familiar with Algorithmia, we are a community of over 50,000 data scientists + developers publishing now over 3,500 ready-to-use algorithms consumable by REST APIs in many different languages including Python and R. You can write your own algorithms as well for your own personal use or within your organization. …

I’m diving deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for developers!

Wow, 5 years goes by quickly. 5 years ago since I converted my purple badge to Blue! Or as Craig reminds me, it’s been 4.99 years and I’ll get my 5-year crystal at Microsoft after I come back 😎

It’s been such an amazing time with so much growth in my life. It has also been a really great extension of the work before I joined Microsoft as a Microsoft MVP, Consultant, Product/Release Department Manager, that I’ve had in the DevOps, ALM, Agile, TFS, and Visual Studio Team Services space for 12 years.

At the same time, the ending of…

Our goal is to make adopting Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery wickedly simple and approachable for any dev team. I’m so excited to see that progress month over month and it was great to share the awesome news!

The Build conference was a fun & amazing week in Seattle this year. It was great seeing everyone who came to our sessions and the booths. Talking with everyone at the booth, I got the impression that many of your are excited in transforming your development process and that we are investing in the right places to help make your lives better as you adopt DevOps practices. That’s always so exciting to hear so thank you for continually sharing your thoughts!

I’ll summarize the highlights below and I also had the chance to record two podcast episodes so I’ll update…

dasBlog has been a really great platform over the years but it’s taken a bit to keep up with the modern web.

Update: I was able to put together a migration plan using the Medium APIs and was able to migrate all of the content including 301 Redirects. Really glad that all worked out!

At the same time, some really awesome platforms have come up and I have particularly enjoyed reading different posts from people on Medium. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s amazing.

Anyhow, I’ve been neglecting my blog writing for a while and would like to get back to it. I’m going to be migrating to Medium but I’m not exactly sure what I should do with all of…

For several months now, we have been on the path of going through the many audits & initiatives to get the various set of compliance certifications for Visual Studio Online. The underlying infrastructure in Azure has been certified which really helps us tremendously but as a service on top of the infrastructure, Visual Studio Online still needs to go through the proper audits and the process. …

Happy Holidays! Before you go off on a break, I found out there is a new Visual Studio extension available: Tag Admin for Visual Studio 2015. It’s a pretty nice tool for helping you manage work item tags for either your Team Foundation Server or your Visual Studio Online account. It’s really helpful for beginning to see which tags are in use and also allows you to rename/merge & delete tags. You can also take a look at how many and a list of work items that are using a specific tag. Simple & to the point!

VSO Tag Admin for Visual Studio 2015
VSO Tag Admin for Visual Studio 2015

I was very happy to see that my first article for the MSDN Magazine has appeared in this month’s edition! If you have been hoping to get some more information, take a look at your magazine in the mail this month or it’s available in the digital edition as well below). Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

Introducing Visual Studio Online
by Ed Blankenship

Whether you’re part of a team or you’re a team of one, with Visual Studio Online you can easily plan, create, construct, build, test, and monitor seriously demanding applications, from…

We have been up early this morning and late last night with getting ready for updates to the new visualstudio.com website, Windows Azure, and the now formerly known as Team Foundation Service. Hopefully you are watching the Visual Studio 2013 Launch Event where you have just learned that we have announced a new set of services for developers and development teams: Visual Studio Online. It has really been great to be working so closely with Visual Studio Online at Microsoft!

Visual Studio Online Logo
Visual Studio Online Logo

There are quite a few announcements this morning that I’ll continue to follow-up on over the next few weeks. Visual…

Wow… all sorts of announcements this morning. Let me summarize for you quickly:

  • Visual Studio 2013 RC and Team Foundation Server 2013 RC is ready to download: MSDN Subscriber Downloads, http://aka.ms/GetVS2013
  • You will be able to build & test your Windows 8.1 Store apps with Visual Studio 2013
  • Remember that you can use both Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013 in production with the “Go-Live” license. That means you will be supported by Microsoft and will have a supported upgrade path to the RTM version. …

One of the changes for the July 1, 2013 update of the Microsoft Product Use Rights will help teams who have team members who are contributing as part of their agile process and practicing ALM. The following two activities will be moving to be included in the standard Team Foundation Server CAL beginning with TFS 2013:

Previously, these were capabilities that were reserved for users with Visual Studio Test Professional, Visual Studio Premium, and Visual Studio Ultimate. The following activities will now be included for those with Visual Studio Test Professional or above in TFS 2013:

Ed Blankenship

Ed Blankenship

Group Product Manager, Growth at Contentful | Formerly at Algorithmia and Microsoft in DevOps

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