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It is the right of EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN TO CARRY A FIREARM who has not lost those rights through the courts. The states have removed their rights with their anti-firearm zealot agendas and all state, city, town, and community laws should be ruled null and void and the only set of firearm laws should be the federal laws established by the ATF. It is time to STOP making criminals out of the honest citizens and to stop the rights of the citizens from being removed. The NRA and the citizens did not just win both the house and senate but the oval office and one seat on the supreme court. The conservatives will probally get the chance to appoint more judges in the future because that is what central America voted for, to change the direction of America from the path it was placed on by Obama. America sent the message loud and clear but the democrats still have not gotten the message and will lose more seats in both houses.

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