Ed Chao
Ed Chao
May 18, 2017 · 1 min read

Dear miserable runner,

I too hate running. For this reason I have developed a set of motivational phrases to tell myself as I run. I am generously sharing these with you in hopes that they might be a secret weapon in your battle for the finish line.

  • Run tall. Like a gentleman.
  • Ride your legs (as though they are a separate robotic machine).
  • You are overcoming successively greater opponents in a hero’s journey. Stage two!
  • Master the moment. Make sure this step is just the most perfect running step. Time and distance will take care of themselves.
  • Jason Scott Lee in Soldier!
  • In the Bleach anime, Ichigo fights so hard that he dies…and then comes back to life from sheer determination. You can run one more mile.
  • At this time, <insert name of friend who runs marathons for fun> is probably just starting out. What might they be thinking?

Happy running.



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