Baseball was at the heart of creating a “third” space for business and sport

I have now been fully entrenched in the world of investing and business for over 2 years. I still feel like I am in transition from professional sport most days. Regardless of how well prepared you are for ‘life after sport’, the sheer volume of unknowns is both part exhilarating and scary. I knew sport had given me incredible tools to scale to the next peak, but taking those first steps on that next climb took courage; courage in the sense that I felt exposed. I had spent so long climbing the mountain of professional sport, so long on a…

Last year we started to guest lecture 3rd year finance students at USyd who were enrolled in the University’s Student’s Managed Fund elective. Aside from providing real world, hands on investing experience, the returns of the SMF looks to help fund scholarships for disadvantaged students to study in the business faculty.

We have loved helping to shape the minds of the next generation of investors and hopefully instill in them some beliefs that will hold them in great stead in the coming years and decades. One question kept coming up throughout the course from students thirsty for information — “what…

Scaling a business is hard. Very few succeed to even navigate their way through startup land, and many that do hit a wall at some stage. Some companies though, find a way to continue to grow year on year, and in doing so become incredibly successful and durable businesses

I set out on a mission with this podcast to discover what the secret sauce was of these successful founders and CEOs who have built these incredible businesses with the purpose to hopefully inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

What became apparent to me though when recording the podcast, the more…

The SOHN Hearts and Minds Conference has raised almost $20 million for medical research since 2016, and TDM were proud speakers at this year’s event held at the Opera House. The Heart and mind impact video gives a great insight into the scope of the incredible work being undertaken. You can see the video here

SOHN also has a listed investment company (HM1: ASX), giving retail investors access to some of the best high conviction investment ideas to emanate from the Australian funds management community.

All stocks that are pitched at the conference are allocated to become 35% of HM1’s…

When we were asked to speak at the 2019 SOHN Heart and Minds Conference, we could not have been more pumped up. First and foremost TDM felt completely aligned to the mission of the conference — SOHN has done a phenomenal job in raising almost $20m for medical research in Australia. This was the clincher for us, having to initially overcome the mental hurdle of being judged on a one year performance horizon, when we make investment decisions based on likely outcomes over a decade, not months. …

Photo by Skyler Smith on Unsplash

After doing a bit of reading on PROS (NYSE:PRO)for the most recent trip to the US, I thought the pricing optimisation problem was a fascinating one.

The attached video breaks down how airlines price flights (at a high level).

Makes you wonder what other industries can and will move to price discrimination and capture more of that delicious economic value under the curve (Google being the shining example, which is readily apparent to anyone whose tried to make money using Google Ads(!)).

Increasing capabilities in AI and data should facilitate this shift.

Ed Cowan

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