Be safe, Be strong. 13 simple, everyday safety tips to keep you safe.

I wrote this blogpost with 13 simple, everyday safety tips to keep you safe. Tips that everybody should know.

EDC Survival Gear Club is all about how to prepare yourself for what might come your way and about using the right tools and gadgets. But you can do more, also now in everyday life.

I was going to some old notes and found these little tips on how to stay safe now. I thought it might me a good idea to share these with you.

At home:

  • Always lock the door: A skilled burglar is in and out of a house in just a few minutes. And don’t forget the door that connects your garage to your house. A criminal might be able to open your automatic garage door with his own remote control.
  • Use timer lights: also set your radio to a talk station while you are out. Signs of activity send burglars elsewhere.
  • Scan your house from the outside: If you can see through the shades, so can anybody else.

On the street:

  • Have your handbag in site: Carry you handbag where you can see it.
  • Walk down the middle of the sidewalk: so no one can grab you from an alley or passing car.
  • Look confident: Walk with purpose, look as if you know where you are going and don’t show any fear.

While driving:

  • Keep your doors locked: lock your doors at al times.
  • Put your handbag out of sight: put it on the floor of the car and not on the seat next to you.
  • At stop lights: leave room in front of you and the next car so you can turn and drive off quickly if need be.

In a parking lot:

  • Have your keys out: when approaching your car and don’t dally while parked. Most carjacking occur when you’re getting into or out of your car or sitting in it.
  • Know where you’re going: check your surroundings before stopping, or even while entering the parking lot, so you know where to go when you stop and get out of your car. This is especially true when parking in a parking garage.
  • Park facing outward: this way you can take off quickly.
  • Remember where you parked: walk straight to your car without wandering.

As the title says, Be safe, Be strong and I might add be aware.

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