My Three Best Photos — assignment 1

Ventress Hall, University of Mississippi — The first time I was ever early to my 8 AM class during my first semester at Ole Miss. I decided to walk around because I had time to kill, and noticed how beautiful Ventress looked with the rising sun. The photo was taken during a very stressful time in my life, so the peacefulness this photo brings soothed me
Seagrove Beach, Florida — My home. Out of a spur of the moment idea, I decided to make the seven hour roadtrip home and stayed for 48 hours. It was a stressful time for me, so I decided to take a stroll down the beach (which usually calms me). Being the only one there, I took advantage of the moment and shot this photo. The way the sunset falls on the horizon, the emerald coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and the stillness of the scene almost transports me back to my home.
My cat, Tiger — This photo was taken after a long day of school. My cat had a very bad habit of getting up on the table as one of my family members ate our meal. This time, he got too close to my gumbo, and as I pulled the bowl away he gave me this look. His face is the epitome of, “… Really?” I love this photo because of the lighting and contrast focused on my cat, and the blur of the background so the only thing you really focus on is him. I also think his green eyes stand out more in this picture than other photos of him. He was also my first childhood pet, so this pictue is very personal to me.
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