Feeling Okay

It’s the middle of week 3, and I feel like things are starting to come together. The things we are learning are still really difficult to grasp, but I feel happy to complete the assignments (to the best of my ability). A class mate told me that it usually takes people 1 year to learn the material that bootcamp graduates learn in 12 weeks. Usually that ratio, I have learn 3 months of material.

I get really fried and I most of the time, I feel my brain is at full capacity. I have to keep reminding myself that, it’s supposed to be hard. “Nothing worth having comes easy.” — Scrubs

One thing that keeps me going, is that fact that I don’t hate what I’m doing. It feels nice building things from scratch, finding solutions to problems, and helping my classmates when they have an issue. It’s great that they can help me when I have problems. There’s some real power in coding.