I’m in favor of company wide customer support at high tech companies.

Tech workers spend long hours in the computer crafting experiences. It’s easy to get detached from the meaning of it all. Engaging in customer support is one way to humanize the process.

Here at Grokker we have a thriving community for health and wellness. For full disclaimer, I’m the sole designer at Grokker, so yeah, customer champion right here.

We like to say that community is at the center of our universe. So why not engage with that community in a personal level? At Grokker, we have a few avenues to make that happen:

  • Q&A Cafe, where users post questions and seek recommendations about our content
  • Forums, where longer conversations happen
  • Video comments are a good place to engage with both users and experts
  • Posts from people you follow
Enabling conversations within your product

There are many ways to promote customer empathy within your company. For example: personas, empathy maps, stories from power users and customer success stories. The downside is that someone will have to own that process. Collecting data and disseminating information across the company. So do the basics, but go a little further and talk to your user.

There is something freeing about working at a place where you can talk to any user anytime. Engaging one-one by responding to a support ticket is the simplest way to connect with the user. This is what it means to humanize the experience, and your community can tell.