Embiid is a certified bust.
Brian F

Okay, I’ll bite.

In my opinion, I would think that being injury-prone is not equivalent to being a bust. It was known that his first year he wouldn’t be playing while still recovering from surgery. The unfortunate short library of Embiid NBA clips on YouTube show his immense talent and skill. His on-court numbers are hard to deny; the guy’s good. But the Sixers are being extremely cautious — some will argue, too cautious — with monitoring his health and minutes. He’s had some terrible luck with injuries, but by no means is he a bust.

If we’re talking bust, names like Kwame Brown, Anthony Bennett, and even Adam Morrison, as they just were complete flame-outs. Guys projected to go high in the lottery and couldn’t make it in the league.

Injury-prone? Yep, most definitely. Bust? Nope.