Adventures in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Day 5

The first of six weeks of treatment has come and gone, and since my original plans for this evening fell through, I guess I will go ahead and write down my thoughts at this point.

  1. I’ve been waiting to see if I would get headaches from this, because I am prone to migraines and it seems like having a giant robot woodpecker go to town on your head might be a trigger for them. I have been pleasantly surprised. If anything, the treatments are helping in that area. Earlier in the week, I was starting to feel headachey on the way into a treatment because I hadn’t eaten much that day, but after the treatment I felt fine (if still hungry). My head does hurt some right now, but that’s a reaction to parenting-related stress.
  2. Today marked the first of two increases in power (they start out lower than the strength they need so you can get used to the process). There was again a concern about discomfort, and I could definitely tell the power had increased, but I’m still fine. Jaw still clenching, eyeballs still doing whatever the hell it is they’re doing, but I’m fine.
  3. I don’t know if I feel like my depression is any better yet, but it’s only the first week, so I’m told that’s not abnormal. Also, as a friend of mine pointed out on Facebook, the beginning of the Trump administration is a hell of a time to be trying to tell if a treatment is helping my mental health.

Mood (Day 5): I don’t feel much different (if any) from when I started this series of articles, but that is supposedly not cause for concern. The earlier change in my meds put me a decent baseline, so it’s possible I won’t see a whole lot of difference until the end of the process. I feel confident saying that I’m not much improved yet because I got a call from my kid’s school today about a disciplinary matter and it wrecked my whole afternoon and evening, and I continued my usual trend of turning that into feelings of despair and the futility of ever trying to have recreational plans. Intellectually I know that’s not healthy and it’s not true, but that’s where my brain goes. I am hoping that through TMS I will become less prone to that sort of thing.

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