Why virtual reality can help you overcome your fear of flying.

I’ve always suffered with a fear of flying. 
 It all began when my first ever international flight hit intense turbulence, described by a veteran air hostess as

“The worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced” —Jetstar hostess, flushed with embarrassment after screaming. Circa 2011 Syd-DPS (Bali)
 My intense excitement for travelling and flying was marred by a uneasiness every time I entered an aircraft. (And a vivid memory of the sheer panic in our hostesses scream)
Apparently I’m not alone with flight anxiety.

Nearly 1 in 3 adult Americans are identity as anxious about flying or afraid to fly. (Source: “Fear of Flying: Impact on the U.S. Air Travel Industry.”)

So how did I overcome this?
 I started flying with my Virtual Reality headset.
 I recently began using my VR headset during the flight, and what an amazing experience this is.

I firstly started using my own app, adeptly named Relax VR to see if was effective. I can report that transporting yourself to a tropical beach instead of a cattle class nightmare is actually very effective. 
 I started to realise that a lot of VR experiences are suited to VRlying or VR Flying as I’ve started to call it;). VR Travel apps (Ascape) as well as news (NYT and WSJ) are all amazing for escaping outside of the walls of the plane. Hell, VR travel experiences get you even more excited to visit the destination you’re heading too! 
Before taking that valium or having that fourth glass of wine , try a VR headset loaded with some cool VR apps on your next flight.
 Let me know how you go :)
 Happy flying.