7 Drink Specials in Fort Collins That You Won’t Find in Boulder

Let’s get this started by saying that, in general, Fort Collins is a flatout better place than Boulder. Bias included. But, specifically, once you turn 21. Why? The bars.

Don’t get me wrong, going out on the hill in Boulder is fun. But, nothing compares to the bar scene in Fort Collins. Most of which is located in Old Town.

If you’re a college student, money is most likely an issue from the get-go. Or if you are even just someone trying to live in Fort Collins, where property value seems to go up each day, money may not be the easiest thing to hold on to. This becomes even more relevant once you are of legal age to drink. No one likes spending $10 on a drink. And I’ve yet to meet someone that is able to handle their money appropriately as more drinks slide down their throat. Luckily, waking up and having to deal with the fact that your checking account was overdrawn during a late night out is easily avoidable in Fort Collins. This is because of the numerous drink specials at Fort Collins bars that are right up CSU students’ alley.

So, let’s rank the seven most intriguing drink specials in Fort Collins.

1. The Ram Band.

Wasted Space Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wastedspacefoco/)

The ram band is by far the newest drink special to be brought to Fort Collins. And though it hasn’t had a lot of time to circulate, it has been immediately embraced by CSU students. The ram band was first introduced at the beginning of the 2017 fall semester and has resulted in some busy Old Town bars every Thursday.

Details: Every Thursday, a ram band can be purchased for $10. The wristband gives you access to unlimited mixed drinks at Yeti, Rec Room, Drunken Monkey, and Wasted Space. The four bars are conveniently all located near each other in Old Town. The band also allows you to drink as many domestic draft beers that your heart desires.

Addresses: 253 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO, 80524 (Wasted Space), 23 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO, 80524 (Rec Room), 23 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO, 80524 (Yeti), 151 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO, 80524 (Drunken Monkey).

2. Bondi Beach Bar Thursday Night Special.


If you want to choose an alternative route to the ram band on Thursday, or if you want to drink for cheap after midnight, Bondi is the place to go. The deal is active every hour after dark on Thursday nights.

Details: $1 mixed drinks. $2 Vegas Bombs. $3 Long Island Ice Teas. $4 select wines.

Address: 11 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

3. Sundance Steakhouse Tuesday Night Special.


Oh, the beautiful Sundance. Aka Scumdance.

This is probably the place you went when you were under 21 and couldn’t get into any other bars. And if you did, you most likely were kicked out trying to drink as a minor.

Hopefully you weren’t arrested, because once you are 21, Tuesday Nights at Sundance are tough to beat from a money standpoint. Yeah, the line out there sucks. But, once you are in, you probably won’t spend more than $5.

Details: $0.25 mixed drinks. $0.50 double mixed drinks.

Address: 2716 E Mulberry St, Fort Collins, CO, 80524

4. Rec Room Wednesday Night Special.


Rec Room’s deal is easily the most intriguing promotion on Wednesday nights. And if you love the nightclub feel, Rec is the place to be. Just make sure to fake a phone call in order to cut the line. There is rarely ever a short wait to get in on Wednesday Nights because of this special.

Details: $0.25 cent mixed drinks.

Address: 23 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO, 80524.

5. Bondi Beach Bar Sunday Special.


You won’t find many Sunday specials in Fort Collins. Probably because most people use Sunday Afternoons to recover. But, for you committed drinkers, there is a way around buying expensive drinks at breakfast at the end of the weekend. There is nothing like a cheap, well-made mimosa. The promotion is valid all day too. So if you’re having trouble getting out of bed and still want a late breakfast, there is no need to worry.

Details: $2 mimosas. $2.50 New Belgium pints. $3 bloody Marys.

Address: 11 Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

6. Mo Jeaux’s Wednesday Night Special.


Another attractive deal of the limited quantity available on Wednesdays. Mo Jeaux’s is great for kicking back, having good conversations, and unwinding. Similar price but different drinks than Rec Room’s special on Wednesday. It really depends on what vibe you are chasing on your Wednesday night. There is a DJ from 9–12 at Mo Jeaux’s, but it will definitely be a more relaxed atmosphere than Rec Room.

Details: $1 pints of beer.

Address: 820 City Park Ave, Fort Collins, CO, 80521.

7. Wasted Space “Flip”.

Wasted Space Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wastedspacefoco/)

This is more of a game than a drink special. But, if you win, it becomes a drink special. And it’s the most fun drinking game and probably the only one you can play at a bar.

The way it works is you order a drink and before you pay you can flip a coin in order to get it for free. If you call it correctly, your shot of tequila or whiskey-coke or whatever is on the house. If you don’t win you pay normal price. There is really nothing to lose considering that drinks are not very pricey at Old Town’s newest bar.

Wasted Space Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wastedspacefoco/)

And hey, if you lose, go play some Mario Kart on the other end of the bar to regain your confidence.

Address: 253 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO, 80524.

All in All

So, there you go. I find it tough to pass up any of those deals when presented with the opportunity and hopefully you feel the same way. But, remember, not all of these deals will exist forever so take advantage! Yes, Bondi and Rec Room have offered those promotions for a while, but places like Wasted Space and Drunken Monkey could easily be seasonal in terms of drink specials. Get in there before it’s too late!

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