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In this post celebrating members of the EddieHub Community, we have Jose David Pereira, or “Bolt” as he is known in the tech community. He is a Software Consultant in Lisbon, Portugal.


I first met Jose David through his YouTube channel, as Jose David became a subscriber. From there things moved on organically with Jose David contributing to the Discord Bot called “EddieBot”, which responds to commands and which you can check out on Github.

Jose David is a great asset to the community as he contributes with code but also with support and encouragement to others.

Jose David first…

This month we shine the spotlight on Karuna Tata from Hyderabad in India, who is currently studying for a B.Sc in Data Science.

Karuna Tata

Karuna’s journey into tech started by hearing the word “hackathon” from some classmates when she engaged in a conversation with them about game building.

It is however Karuna’s curiosity to see what the World has to offer outside the classroom that led her to create a GitHub profile in November 2020 a join a Major League Hacking Discord server.

Even though she felt she had no idea what to do, that certainly did not stop Karuna from…

If you are looking for an inclusive and diverse tech community, which promotes collaboration first and code second this is the place for you. Here you can accelerate your career and grow your network no matter what stage of the tech journey or level you are. We are proud to have members who have only recently taken their first steps in tech, to seasoned engineers with decades of experience.

Hubber, the EddieHub mascot!

We are not just comprised of “hardcore coders”; but we have UX designers, Devops, testers, technical writers, bloggers and YouTubers in our community.

Our aim is to create a safe space…

You may have come across my website where I give you some background on myself, my career and journey in Open Source, as well as my past clients. As you would expect this website is a calling card for me as a developer and business owner, which future clients will see.

It might seem odd to confess that I did not code my website, but used “low code”. I can almost hear you ask “Does he not know how to code a website?” …

In this blog post we shine the light on Community Member Julian, who many of you will know as Cahl.

Cahl’s Avatar

Cahl is a Junior Software Developer in Web-Technologies based in Germany.

Whilst studying Business Informatics Cahl got into tech, although he admits that at first he did not like programming at all. So much so that he very nearly failed his programming exams in the first semester of his degree!

It was when he understood the key-concepts of programming that Cahl realised that he could build whatever he wanted if he learnt programming properly. For him this was the motivation…

You don’t need to be brand new at public speaking to feel nervous before a speech, a client meeting or answering questions in class. Even seasoned professionals will feel their heart race before public speaking.

Eddie Jaoude in his home studio

Sometimes these nerves can even manifest themselves in wanting to say something but the words just not coming out…almost like a car that won’t start!

Here are a few tips which we hope will help you with your public speaking!


  1. Watch more public speakers

TedEx on YouTube is an excellent resource showcasing talks in different languages and a wide variety of topics. Watching how other…

Eddie: Hi, my name is Eddie and I’m here at Fosdem, and it’s an open source event and we’ve actually come over to the open source design stand and let’s hear more about it.

Open Source Design: So we are all about improving usability and design in open source software. So at the end of the day, we create open source for end users to not be with proprietary systems. So why don’t we empathize with them? …

Marta: So we decided that for the second day of FOSDEM, we were going to do a JavaScript coding challenge. So we put it together six different challenges with frameworks, React, Angular, Node DS. You can come here, and they have half an hour to fix them back in an application, and if they make it run, then they get some free goodies.

Eddie: Oh my god, I absolutely love that idea. It’s great for them, it’s great for the project.

Marta: Free event where everybody is here to learn, and then our engineers are coding with them, and helping…

Eddie: We’re here at FOSDEM 2019. I have with me …

Anton: Hi, I’m Anton. I am one of the original makers of AdBlock. Now, I work for AdBlock Plus.

Eddie: That’s so cool. I’ve got to say, before we get into that, I like your hat.

Anton: Thank you. My hat is actually … It’s the Blue Hats Community, which are hackers that either are part of the French Government and develop open-source software or hackers who develop open-source software that’s used by the French Government. Basically anyone who does that can be part of the Blue Hats Community.

Jona: I’m from Albania. We have a conference there. We organized it for the sixth year now. Open Source Conference Albania. So, we try to gather people that we meet them around to come to our country and spread that open source love that they have. We try to say to connect to mentors in young people there because there are a lot of mentors that they try to get more new people onboard and help in like doing some open source contributions.

Jona: And, on the other hand, there are a lot of new people that they don’t know…

Eddie Jaoude

Open Source fullstack DevRel expert. Founder of EddieHub Community. https://www.eddiejaoude.io https://www.eddiehub.org https://www.youtube.com/eddiejaoude

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