Eddie Masjedi Defines New Parameters of Success

A model of entrepreneurial acumen, Eddie Masjedi has branded himself as an inspirational figure for those who have the gumption to carry ahead with their ideas and innovative thinking. In many instances, even some gritty souls might be held off by their qualms about the feasibility of their ideas. It is only a few creatures, who grit their teeth and dare venturing into the turbulent waters. Eddie Masjedi truly exemplifies it. One night, Eddie Masjedi, in his effort to come up with special desserts for his wife Shannon, tinkered with ingredients. Something came off the top of his head and he mixed a small part of alcohol to ice creams. This was the defining moment of his success story.

SnoBar Comes to Life

Eddie Masjedi conceived SnoBar, alcohol-infused ice pops and ice creams, which became an instant smash hit. Had he overlooked it thinking it might turn up drop dead flop, our taste buds would have never relished succulent, appetizing desserts. As Masjedi put it, it is important to pursue a course of action with a single-minded focus, without letting negative thoughts creep over you. Encouraged by his initial success, Masjedi decided to extend into manufacturing, distribution and sales.

Vast Assortment of Alcohol-Packed Desserts

Additionally, Eddie Masjedi teamed up with chefs, mixologists, and food scientists to tune up the taste, texture, and alcohol content. As a result, these alcohol-infused desserts are available in an extensive range of flavors and the ingredients and alcohol of premium quality go into the making of these desserts. No doubt! The demand for SnoBar is no less than overwhelming.

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