I don’t have time for people who don’t have time to talk about politics.
Danielle Driehaus

Racism is not political, it is taught. People who have never ever met a person from another race, can hate them just because that’s what they hear at home or from friends, or read about them. That is basically how racism starts and racism is not just on America, it is all over the world. And the worst part is, racist block out everything except for their way, without knowing who they hate. They don’t even try , if they do then their friends will disown them. I have met people from almost every part of the world. I have listened to the conditions and fears they had to live with every day of their life. Boy do we have it good. I don’t blame people from other countries wanting to come here despite the fact they will have to face hurtful comments because of their race. I ask a Thai friend about it, he said, here in America they say it to my face, I can deal with words, in Thailand, if someone doesn’t like you they will just throw a pipe bomb in your car as you are driving by. We have drive by shootings, they have drive by bombings. Met a guy from El Salvador whose village was raided by guerillas and he was 12. He was tied to a tree and they took target practice to see who could shoot closest to the top of his head without killing him. Just imagine living a life where that can happen and it is normal, not just now and then. We have atrocities here as well but not like that. Racism is our worst enemy and that needs to change, and only the people can change that not pols.

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