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As I stated in the post, three of the states which swung the election to Trump (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) had Stein receive more votes than the difference between Trump and Clinton. While 90% of the Stein voters in the country had no impact, these voters certain did.

Generally, when Republicans lose, it’s to a person who is generally regarded as a sane individual who doesn’t present serious challenges to the international standing of the United States. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about Donald Trump.

I’m amoral? Last I checked, my candidate wasn’t caught on tape claiming that, by virtue of his star status, he could sexually assault women. I opposed the candidate that did.

One last thing: I assume that from your name and the comment to which I am responding that you oppose DAPL. I feel compelled to point out that, until recently, Trump held stock in the company constructing DAPL. I think he’d be a more likely supporter of it than Clinton ever would.

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