Who is Eddie Park?

Author, Speaker, Consultant

Hi, my name is Eddie H. Park.

My Story

I was raised by a single mom because my dad left when I was five years old. My entire life I tried to become a better version of my dad to justify my mom’s hardships and shame. I became a people-pleaser and a hyper-achiever because I thought that was the only way I’d receive love and acceptance.

I became so obsessed with achievement like being a Full Tuition Scholarship recipient at UCLA, becoming an investment banker at a bulge bracket firm, and getting into a PhD program in the UK.

But achieving success never relieved the pain of my childhood. I realized there was no end to becoming the man my father should have been.

And then, I made a choice to tell myself a new story.
I discovered a purpose that goes beyond my pain:
to transform lives and help break the power of shame,
which I talk about in my book.

I authored a book called The Shame Myth: 7 Steps to Advance Your Career, Relationships, and Purpose. The book will become available for pre-order on Jan 17, 2017 at Amazon.com. Watch the 2 min trailer below!

My Other Work

I’m a regular communicator at EvFree Fullerton and have given talks to crowds of over 2,000 people. I’m passionate about storytelling for life transformation!

I also consult and serve on the board of advisors for several non-profit organizations such as National School Project and NexGen.

He is husband to Eunice and father to Haddon and Betty.

Places I’ve Worked

Places I’ve Studied

  • UCLA, Economics
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, Social Entrepreneurship


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