While digital marketing could be your savior in tough times, here’s why you shouldn’t look at it as (just) your crisis strategy.

Digital during COVID, why?

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New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London… have you noticed those cities are getting more and more jam packed these days?

Many top metropolises in the world are already too crowded, but it seems like they will only get even more packed - with urbanization continuing to push people from farms to towns, tier 2 to tier 1, tier 1 to international cities.

As cities becoming more crowded, accommodation options will shrink. Naturally, changes need to happen to accommodate how people would live, to maintain living standards and to enable people to thrive to the society continues to grow. …

You might have dropped by Hong Kong for transit, stopped over for work, or traveled all the way to the center of Asia for dim sum; but have you considered living in, are you already living in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is busy, way too busy with your weekdays jam-packed. When you are not working, Hong Kong is too easy to let you travel around, getting you to a superbly long list of bustling cities in less than 4 hours. …

The robot is upon us. This might sound a little further down the road but in some ways, some might feel like it already happened yesterday. We have robots able to make almost perfect laksa, we also have robot kitchens on the prowl, and it’s hard to not imagine chefs might be one of the sunsetting career paths down the chopping block.

Will chefs be replaced by robots?

Here’s a glimpse of what’s happening tomorrow (or even today in selected parts of the world).

The Scenario

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  1. Mac-n-cheese ordered in the restaurant, came with a bonus carrot juice.
  2. The same mac-n-cheese ordered the…

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The secret is to sleep 2 hours a day, run instead of walk, munch less swallow more, and throw away your smartphone. Voila!

Yes, you can do those and get your way to your 48-hour day, but one might judge you to be living too hard. Instead, here are the top 5 areas that you can focus on to start scoring the extra hours in Hong Kong.

Location, Location, Location

Time is always of the essence in Hong Kong and nobody has enough hours to do what we like and what we want.

Everybody has pondered — if we have 48 hours a day, what would we do?

But before we think about how to spend 48 hours, we need to acquire the extra 24 first.

If we save 5 minutes to get to 7–11, 10 minutes to breakfast, 20 minutes commute… eventually, we will hit our +24 goal, so we can hang more with friends, Facetime our families, and Netflix a couple more Rilakkuma videos. So how do we…

There was one point in my life I lived in a flat that was 8 minutes away from the nearest 7–11 and let’s face it, it wasn’t convenient. If I get to that store 1,000 times in my life and if it were 3 minutes away, I would have saved 5,000 minutes (that’s 80+ hours of Netflix!!!)

Ever wonder how convenient it is to stay in one of the Dash Suites in Wan Chai? Here’s a couple of ideas so you can live like you have 48 hours a day!

p.s. the real unit #23 was taken as a reference…

Why? What? How? And again, why?

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Once upon a time, there were vending machines that sold cokes. Well after decades of soda sales, they still do it but in slightly shinier armors.

Although, nowadays, vending machines also come with various features, functionalities, configurations, and capabilities that are only up to your imaginations.

Are you still seeing vending machines as the old metal box that drops sodas?

10 Things You Didn’t Think You Can Get from a Vending Machine

From Pizzas to Girlfriends

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Vending machines are amazing when we are creative enough to utilise its unlimited potentials. But how far is too far? Let’s take a look at what the world has to offer.

1. Perfume

Retail in the Digital Age

The Long Beach, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong

Breaking through tradition vending machines’ linear shopper experience, not only smart vending consoles support e-payments and live information, these consoles in 2018 also feature interactive experiences such as multimedia content either being pushed or on demand, Q&As and surveys, games, real-time discounts, even chatbots.

Cloud services are also another important smart aspect such that sales & operations are optimised for user behaviours, preferences and demographics. With this data-rich smart retail approach, shopper experiences are more personalised, and brands are empowered to reach out to the right customers.

It won’t be very far off when facial…

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