The secret of cheap flights in Europe: Low-cost carriers are earning money thanks to chemtrails !!

Especially in recent years, there is a boom of low-cost airlines. They are able to offer flights in Europe literally for a few euros. But how is it even possible when well-established airlines fly for many more. Officially, the secret of cheap flights is the maximum possible cost elimination. Low-cost airlines fly to smaller airports away from big cities, which are cheaper and they want customers to pay additional fees for other services. Although, there still is a lot of costs that even the most low-cost carrier can't avoid. An airline must always buy a plane which cost the same for all companies. Similarly, it is with fuel or pilot's salaries. Multiple cost savings are therefore not taken into account. Still, there is no problem finding a 20-euro flight for a return ticket! How is it possible at all?
The low-cost companies are able to gain additional money yet another way. Their aircraft are often those behind which we can see suspicious tracks in the sky, which, unlike conventional condensation lines, do not disappear, but they hold for hours in the sky. It’s no coincidence. An essential and at the same time secret source of income for such companies is the rewards for spraying chemtrails. This confirmed us a former employee of a large European airline that works just as low-cost. For obvious reasons, he wants to remain as anonymous as possible, so he did not tell his or her real name or company name.
He said, however, that in the hangars of the airlines in question there are really huge barrels of mysterious substances stuck with warning symbols. These rooms are, however, hidden in aircraft hangars, and even ordinary mechanics do not have access to them. They do not even let pilots here. So even them do not know about spraying. Everything is controlled remotely from the control center. And because there are spraying nozzles on the wings, pilots can not see the process even in flight. The whole operation becomes the most secretive. Its consequence, however, is felt by all Europeans in one positive aspect. Thanks to the incoming spraying of chemtrails, we can fly Europe at ridiculous prices. That is why this secret will be hidden forever from the masses.

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