Another day, another dishonest TP headline:
Paul Frantizek

There is a whole lot to unpack in your statements…

First, this is a 12 year old. He may have been a shit, he may have been a violent shit. There are so many factors that contribute to kid’s behavior, so just assuming the worst about him seems unfair. Whatever the case, it still doesn’t justify injuring him to the point of amputation.

Second, is it more disruptive to allow him to go call his mother or to have a class full of kids watch an adult throw a kid to the floor multiple times? That’s not restraint, that’s assault. Restraints are specific NON-VIOLENT holds that use the minimum amount of force needed to keep people safe. This kid did not seem to be threatening anyone else. It is this ridiculous need for control that escalates these situations. It has been shown again and again that these tactics don’t work. You know whose job it is to be calm? The adult. The adult who has (presumably) been trained and has the skills to know when to pick a battle.

As an adult in the “real world” I can’t say that I expect to lose my leg if I decide to leave a meeting to go call my mother. Behaviors should absolutely have consequences, but I’m pretty sure that these consequences need to be proportional to the behavior…

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