A Chink in My Armor
Phillip Le

I feel your pain. Half the time, I let the racial slurs go because I just don’t have time or energy to deal with the a-hole. At other times, I go Hulk-like on them and I just have to scream at the a-holes. Many years ago, during a screening of “Chinatown” at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, the guy started making “chinkee, chinkee” sounds when James Hong appeared on screen. I kicked his seat and said, “Cut that racist shit out, fuck face.” That seemed to quiet him down. And I felt much better. I don’t like erupting in uncontrollable anger but keeping it all in can make you sick too. Racism hurts. That’s why your sister cried. You did the right thing. Back those fuckers down because they are a bunch of ignorant cowards. They should not feel good at your expense. You shouldn’t have to need armor. Be well, my friend.

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