About DACA

To counter the lies and propaganda — #AMJoy and crew nailed it. Maybe you will pay attention to your state attorney general race when you vote in the future. Some are threatening to sue 45, if he doesn’t end DACA.

And don’t believe the misinformation on who is impacted: “The Brookings FOIA data show that DACA applicants were born in 192 countries, and that there are 25 countries with at least 1,000 applicants who together accounted for over 96 percent of all applicants. In total, 74.9 percent of applicants were born in Mexico, followed by El Salvador (4.0 percent), Honduras (2.7 percent), Guatemala (2.5 percent), South Korea (1.5 percent), Peru (1.4 percent), Brazil (1.2 percent), Colombia (1.1 percent), Ecuador (1.0) and Philippines (0.7).”

The racist lies that propelled this issue to the stage can easily be disputed, but folks won’t listen. These folks aren’t dredges to society. In fact, many are better qualified than those voting against them.

This debate is a national disgrace.

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