America Needs More Gladiators

#OliviaPope & #AlexanderHamilton have nothing on this…

It’s abundantly clear that republiteas rather secure their hold on the White House than secure America. This charade is orchestrated and protected by the swamp turned most that was supposed to be against politics as usual. We are witnessing the biggest scandal in American politics unfold, thanks to a network of people who only care about themselves.

There has been a concerted effort by this administration to get people in all cabinet, and other strategic leadership positions, to allow this type of activity to be kept out of range of media and the American people. There has been a well orchestrated plan to create a level of distrust of the media. That gave cover to the administration and allies regarding questions about their activities. It enabled them to dismiss any critiques or responsible journalism as biased and bitterness about the election — the election where there is bi-partisan agreement that Russia played a role.

The delays in tax return and business dealings. remain a greater mystery. The welcomed intrusion of Wikileaks during the campaign, and now desire to criminalize current leakers is suspect. The attempts by some “lawmakers” to minimize this growing scandal creates cause for even more suspicion. This is an issue that impacts the safety and security of America and its people, not a partisanship debate.

Recalling how VP Pence was met with protesters while seeing the musical #Hamilton on #Broadway. Little did he know he’d soon be in the middle of his own political scandal.

Olivia Pope, clean up on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (but we need you to expose the #Scandal not bury it).

Resistance matters, so WE must demand that a thorough investigation — WITHOUT the friendliness of political allies involved, including AG Beauregard Sessions. Are you standing up? Are you calling 202–224–3121. Tell congress we must have an independent investigation that requires all stones — no matter their party affiliation — be unturned. We need members of #Congress who really fight for American values and America’s people — not simply protecting the Oval and their party. Stand up #CongressionalGladiators #protest #organize #resist #Advocate#boycott