Back to a Criminalized Future

This is for those who voted against Clinton — or didn’t vote at all — but heard the candidate who is now president say he was committed to cracking down on crime — which has already been declining. This is for those who believed his commitment to getting rid of “bad hombres”. The fear he put into some, and the false hope he gave to others is showing up in his policies, executive actions & the work of his appointees. Happy yet?

Some are waking and expecting accountability, but, I don’t think many of us understood, at the time, the consequences of mandatory minimums or calling people “super predator”. But, we know now — and we know we don’t want to lose another generation to over-policing & racial profiling. When we know better, we should do better.

This administration and his surrogates in Congress haven’t learned the errors of the past. They are beholden to for-profit prison owners and others who are less about us. So, it’s up to us to teach them that we ARE paying attention.

We were warned of the dangers of Sessions when he sought other positions. Coretta Scott King even warned us about him 1986— and Senator Warren’s reading of the letter was condemned by those who wanted him in office. He said what senators wanted to hear, so he could be confirmed. This administration and a majority of senators endorsed and confirmed him. And now, his true colors are showing. We cannot tolerate a reversal of progress in changing our deeply flawed justice system.

I urge us all to call #Congress, especially those who voted to confirm Attorney General Sessions (it is our right — 202–224–3121) and demand an end to the lunacy that will impact us all, in some way, if we choose silence. #StandUp