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Call it RACISM like We See it

It’s hard to believe that people won’t admit that the president’s agenda isn’t racially biased — the rest of the world sees it clearly. Senator Graham seems to be outraged by racist commentary from the White House, even while his party peers will lie/cover for him. He clearly sees the racism, but fears being called a heretic from the Alt-Congress-Right. Graham gives the racism a name, just as he did with the president. The name is Stephen Miller.

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We were warned about Miller and the other Steven (the kinda-ostracized Bannon) last year. His sly, wicked moves helped Miller outlast the rest of 45’s nefarious inner circle, like the best player in another reality show, titled Survivor. Miller has stayed true to his doctrine and now it has helped to shut down the federal government.

Yep, the rabid fans of the victims of justice for all (translation: woefully bigoted, fragile white people who felt that having a Black man as president was the worst thing since the meteor that slammed against the earth and killed dinosaurs) feel this president is their great, orange, creamsicle savior.

Their bigoted/blind loyalty allows them to look past a multitude of lies from the emperor of lies. They will ignore his flip-flops and mid-information because they have great white hope that things will get better from their fearless leader. What’s more troubling are the defenders who will push the envelope as far as they feel emboldened. They test market their bigotry to see how far they can go — sometimes, feigning disapproval when others smear, lie, deceive, misinform (common with PACS; donors; racist radicals; etc.) from others, while secretly giving a wink and nod.

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The #Republiteas bristle at being called racists, but their policies and practices sure proclaim RACISM! (all caps and exclamation point).

The world is watching, while elected officials — new and seasoned — compromise our reputation and re-write our moral code in order to appease one of the worst global leaders and role models we have ever witnessed here. History has taught us the dangers of nationalism and bigotry — we should know better, but some still refuse to deny the dangers that come bigoted permissiveness masked as patriotism. We. Know. Better.

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This is not a game, but there are clear differences in both sides. Picking the wrong side to defend has lasting consequences, too. We have already seen the consequences of bad choices and bad words. You don’t win friends by insulting over one billion people — just on one continent.

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When you boldly reject People of Black & Brown origin, while embracing overwhelmingly White countries, like Norway and Russia, you look racist. When you appoint racists to key positions, you are clearly embracing a racist philosophy. This is not a dream or a bad joke. Who would have thought that members of the faith community would excuse a politician who boldly admits that he doesn’t ask for heavenly forgiveness? How low can a politician go? Who makes vile statements about women and others, without being repudiated? When did pathological lying become accepted as the norm?

Most voters see and condemn the bad behavior, but some — including other elected officials — think this is all ok. The politicians who ignore obvious betrayals, but are , increasingly, OK with it. We should expect better. No, we should DEMAND better. Racism is wrong in the White House or in a small town called Jackman, Maine. Silence is consent.

A number of people defend the president as not racist (including the president, himself). But, when you have someone who appoints multiple people who express and/or embrace racist doctrines, you cannot accept those pivotal choices as coincidental. When you see racism, don’t try to call it anything else — we know better.

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