Don’t Believe Their Hype!

‪Some might forget that #thisprez was going around criticizing the improving unemployment numbers during his campaign — and the last Administration. His claims were devoured by people who were committed to believing the propaganda served up by their party. They were beholden to the false news that drove them to the polls. They will now celebrate their choice for president, by giving erroneous credit to this administration, without any logical reason.

Now he wants credit for work #PresidentObama did to fight the bi-partisan headwinds he endured for eight years? The last time #thisprez’s party was in the White House, the economy was crashing — even in spite of the forced war (to make money for the 1% at the expense of the rest of us). The lies are called alternative facts. Then they become misspeaks. And they keep coming. From credit for the jobs report to massacres that “weren’t reported on” — because it didn’t happen!

For every member of congress who supports lying to the American people and the world, know that we are watching. We are boycotting. We are marching. And, we will be voting.‬

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