What’s good for the candidate is better for the elected?

Think about the time and energy spent by Congress to investigate Benghazi.

Remember the risk factors that we were warned about because of thousands of emails his opponent kept on a private server? Hours of investigations yielded nothing. The condemnation and speculation of nefarious shenanigans was so deafening that it contributed to his narrowly won election. The speculation and threat of investigation contributed to the conscious decisions of people to vote differently — or, they were so disgusted and troubled, they didn’t vote at all. And we had only heard tidbits about Russia-gate at that time.

The very things he condemned as a candidate have, now, been condoned (with party endorsement) since his election. I question the mental capacity of any who try to spin this any other way. He embodies do as I say, not as I do. #SpeakUp or you silence will be interpreted as validation and affirmation of their actions.

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