Chaika Ipanema: Rio’s best confectioner is now RCHLO — a clothing store

This one is for the “Cariocas” — Rio Dwellers who have known Ipanema for the past 30–40 years.

The well-known Chiaka Confectioner, in Ipanema— where one could buy Rio’s best cakes and pies closed down around 2012.

Chaika was, by far, the best confectioner in Rio.

Em 1992, I was a partner in the Ad Agency Caio Domingues & Associados. When that Agency was 20 years in operation, the Creative Department had a brilliant idea: send a cake to all Clients and Suppliers, in a box, with all the fixings in order for them to hold a birthday party for us.

The cake was from Chaika, of course.

Here are 2 photos of the “Caio Birthday Kit” we sent out:

On its 20th birthday, Caio is doing something it never has done before: “Vai dar Bolo”: give you the cold shoulder
The Birthday Kit was complete with candles, whistles, plastic plates, forks & knives, napkins — all the fixings for the party.

Here are 2 photos of the Chaika Store, a location so well-known to all Cariocas.

Chaka Store, close to the corner of R. Visconde de Pirajá x R. Joana Angélica
The Chaika location was kitty-corner with the well-known Nossa Senhora da Paz Town Square.

Chaika was closed down for about 3 years, and recently the Riachuelo Clothing Store — RCHLO, a shortened name — opened in the same location:

Riachuelo Ipanema — same location as Chaika
Inside the RCHLO Store

On the third-floor of the RCHLO Store, a small tribute to Chaika: a small counter top with high benches.

Unfortunately there are no cakes, pies or milk shakes of the past…

A tribute to Chaika is on the third floor of the RCHLO Ipanema Store.
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