Skool Games Review: My Personal Experience As A Community Coach

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Skool Games Review

If you know Skool, you’ve probably heard about the Skool Games and the man behind it, Alex Hormozi.

Alex Hormozi’s involvement and investment in Skool has made it grow 10x on top of what Sam Owens is doing.

I’ve participated in the Skool games and also work as a community coach for over 4,000+ students. We use the platform for our entire business.

Try Skool Games

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Here’s the good old proof.

More importantly, I want to make sure this is right for you because joining might not make sense to your business model.

So, my goal in this Skool Games review is to show you whether it’s worth the price and if you should even host your own community to make money.

My Personal Experience With Skool Games

Skool Communities were completely new to me as I have always been focused on affiliate marketing and working as a coach in a Facebook group.

The community I work at eventually moved to Skool before Alex Hormozi became a co-owner, and we have never looked back.

We made the right decision and have even seen a huge increase in student engagement.

So, with the Skool games, it has been really fun to join Alex Hormozi’s weekly zooms and learn more about making a profitable community.

I’m being completely honest when I say it feels crazy to pay $97 to get weekly advice from Alex and others making money from their communities.

Start The Skool Games

What is The Skool Games?

The Skool Games is a fun way to grow your online business.

Skool Games

It’s like a contest where people who run communities on Skool try to get more paying members. The goal is to build your audience and make money.

To play, you start a community on Skool and work hard to attract new members who pay to join.

The people who bring in the most money each month win big prizes.

Winners meet with experts like Alex Hormozi and make videos sharing what worked for them.

These videos help everyone learn new ways to grow their communities.

The best part? You don’t need to win to learn. You can watch all the winner videos with just three paid members.

This way, everyone can improve their skills and grow their business.

Who Created Skool Games?

Skool Games was created from the minds of two successful entrepreneurs: Sam Ovens and Alex Hormozi.

Sam Ovens, the original founder of Skool, saw a need for better online community tools. He built Skool to help people create and grow their own digital communities.

Alex Hormozi joined forces with Sam later. Alex is known for spotting great opportunities in the business world.

He saw the potential in Skool and became a co-owner.

Together, they shaped Skool Games into what it is today.

Their goal was to give brand-new businesses the tools they need to make money online without selling a course.

They focused on making it easy for anyone to start and grow a community.

Alex brings his expertise in scaling businesses to Skool. He helps members understand how to turn their communities into profitable ventures.

His insights are a big part of what makes Skool Games valuable for us as community members.

What I Like About It

  • Make new friends and learn from competitors.
  • Get motivated by Skool Games leaderboards.
  • Join live workshops with Alex Hormozi and Andrew Tate.
  • Learn winning strategies from top performers.
  • Improve your community-building skills quickly.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The cost might be too high for some people.
  • Live sessions with Alex may not fit everyone’s time zone.
  • Keeping up with the competition can be challenging.

What Is Included In The Skool Games?

The Skool Games offers a bunch of cool features to help you build and grow your online community. Let’s break down what you get when you join.

Classroom With Community Building Lessons

The Classroom is where the magic happens. Alex will give you a step-by-step guide on how you can get people interested in your community.

Skool Games

Free Community with Future Paid Option

  • Start your community for free.
  • Build value and engagement.
  • Transition to a paid model later.
  • Grandfather early members at free tier.

Immediate Paid Community

  • Launch with a paid membership from day one.
  • Focus on providing high-value content and experiences.

Tiered Approach: Free and Paid

  • Maintain a free community.
  • Offer a premium paid tier with extra benefits.

Partner with Influencers

  • Collaborate with influencers who have an audience.
  • Create and manage a community for them.
  • Do a profit split with influence.

Solve Your Own Problem

  • Identify a problem you’re facing.
  • Create a community around solving that problem.
  • Attract others with the same issue.

Crowdsourced Solutions

  • Build a community of people with a shared goal.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and problem-solving.
  • Curate and organize the best solutions.

Expert-Led High-Ticket Community

  • If you’re an expert in a field, create a community around your expertise.
  • Offer exclusive insights and guidance.

Niche Interest Groups

  • Focus on very specific interests or combinations of interests
  • Focus on a small but dedicated audience

Remember, Alex emphasizes that you don’t need a large audience to start. Even 10 active, engaged members can create a valuable community.

The key is to provide consistent value, facilitate connections, and create an environment where members want to participate and invite others.

Don’t forget, since you are paying for a skool account, you can create your own community and continue to learn as you build.

This is how it looks when you first start a community:

It’s a place to make and share courses with your community members.

Think of it as your own mini-school inside Skool. You can create lessons, share videos, and give your members helpful stuff to learn from.

Community Interaction

Skool Games isn’t just about learning. It’s about making partnerships or friends too! You get cool ways to talk with other people in the Skool games:

Skool games interaction
  • Live workshops with Hormozi
  • You can DM others (Don’t be spammy)
  • Post a question: Start discussions or ask questions

These options help everyone in the games feel connected and involved.

FREE Skool Community Map

Let’s say you want to partner with someone in the Skool Games, you can check out the community map and connect with others.

Skool community map

Again, this is really for anyone who might want a partner in the same niche.

Awesome Posts From Other Skool Winners

One thing I love about the Skool games is that nobody is afraid to share how they funnel members into their community.

You can view the “Wins” tab and see what they have done.

Skool Games Win Tab

Many people will share some tips on YouTube, but inside the community, they will give you every step of the playbook they used to win the Skool Games.

That alone has made me kept my Skool Games account because I love to hear how I can improve my own community and the one I manage.

Gamification (Leaderboards)

Skool Games uses fun game-like features to keep people excited about being in your group:

  • Points: Members can earn points for doing stuff in the community.
  • Levels: As people earn more points, they can level up.
  • Leaderboards: See who’s the most active in your group.
Skool Game Leaderboards

These features make people want to join in more and stay active in your community.

Chance to Meet Alex Hormozi

Here’s a big deal: If your community grows fast and lands in the top 10, you could win a trip to meet Alex Hormozi in person!

This is a great chance to learn from someone who knows how to build successful online businesses.

Skool Affiliate Program

You can join their affiliate program if you like Skool Games and want to tell others about them.

Skool Games Affiliate

This means you can make money by getting new people to sign up

Yes, although this sounds like a pyramid scheme, it’s not. It’s just an affiliate offer.

Skool Mobile App

The Skool mobile app lets you check in on your community anytime. It’s perfect for staying connected even when you’re not at your computer.

Monthly Contests and Learning Opportunities

The Skool Games aren’t just a one-time thing. Every month, there’s a new chance to win and learn:

  • Monthly growth contests: Try to grow your community the most each month.
  • Learn from winners: Even if you don’t win, you can watch videos of what the top 10 winners did to succeed.
  • Always improving: The contest helps everyone share what works best right now in online communities.

All The Tools for Growth

Skool Games gives you everything you need to start and grow your community:

  • About page checkout: Make a page that tells people what your community is about.
  • Different ways to get people to join: Use social media, ads, or ask friends to join.

Support for All Skool Games Members

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been running online groups for years, Skool Games has something for you:

  • Start for free: You can begin without paying anything to test things out.
  • Pricing flexibility: When you’re ready, you can charge what makes sense for your group.
  • Community support: Learn from others who are also building their groups.

With all these features, Skool Games provides a complete toolkit for creating, growing, and managing your online community.

It’s designed to make running an online business fun and rewarding, no matter your experience level.

Should You Join The Skool Games?

Yes, joining the Skool Games is a great idea if you want to grow an online community.

I’ve been part of it, and it’s been super helpful. Here’s why you should consider it:

  1. Learn from others: You’ll see what works for successful communities.
  2. Improve your skills: It helps you focus on what matters for community growth.
  3. Get questions answered: The community is there to help when you’re stuck.
  4. Apply to your work: I’ve used what I learned to help the community I work for.
  5. Path to success: It provides a clear roadmap for building your online business.

The Skool Games isn’t just about winning prizes.

It’s about learning, growing, and connecting with others who share your goals. Whether you’re just starting or already have a community, you’ll find value in joining.

It’s a fun way to challenge yourself and see real results in your community-building efforts.


Is The Skool Games Worth It?

Yes, Skool Games is worth it.

It provides valuable opportunities to learn, grow, and connect. The community offers strategies for course structure, sales copy, and more.

How can This Community Help With My Business?

Skool Games can help your business by providing getting weekly advice from Alex Hormozi and other successful skool group owners

You’ll gain insights, strategies, and the opportunity to network, all while receiving support and love from a like-minded community.

Is Skool Games Legit?

Yes, Skool Games is legit.

It is owned by Sam Ovens and Alex Hormozi. It’s a real opportunity for growth. Many join the Skool Games for its valuable content and networking possibilities.



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