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So Aaron writes another article with no hard facts and then he starts to ramble all over. Can’t stay on point because further investigation show his “facts” are misleading. Then on his ramble he goes on to allege that Secret Service costs for securing Trump Tower will cost the American taxpayer 1.5 million a year. Per year! Hell, Michele would spend that on a weekend shopping spree with friends. OK, I lied. It was more. Aaron is also from Minnesota. Great State. But they tend to vote in a Governor whose was a “pro” wrestler; Mr. Ventura. They also elect a US Senator who is a comic/clown; Mr. Franken. The State has a very lively history of electing individuals who are somewhat out of the “norm” whatever that means. Aaron’s rambles are starting to become as inane of the person he is aiming for. Think Progress. Think Not!

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