What I Learned This Week (March 9–15)

  • I love taking care of Asha. It feels good to make her feel good.
  • I love working at night. When the world is still and I can focus.
  • The environment I am living has a HUGE effect on my enjoyment of life. If I have the resources to live in my own place, in an excellent city near cafes, with well designed gear, & an excellent view, I will be much more clear headed and happy than without.
  • When a project is not being done as the major main priority by every major player involved, I should not be involved. If the people on the project don’t really care about it, no matter how excellent the idea, it will not work.
  • I need to stay responsive but non-reactive when dealing with high stress situations. Especially with Asha.
  • Everything is easy when it’s broken down into just the next step.
  • Meditating is a LOT easier than I’ve built it up to be in my mind.
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