What I Learned This Week(s) (March 30 — April 19)

Coming clean, existential meaning, & sleepy rooms

  • Given the right set of circumstances, I can cry from watching a fictional telivison show (about Zombies, no less).
  • Past mistakes can indeed come back to haunt you.
  • I must never lie to myself. Fool myself. Let myself find loopholes in my honesty.
  • I must know my principles and never deviate from them. Self-honesty, honesty to Asha, enjoyment, refusal to cause pain unless necessary.
  • I had managed to believe that, because life was meaningless because it leads to nothing, nothing I did had value. The more experience the better, the quality of the experices came second. I realize that I saw the wrong side of this. Life is the most valuable things there is, precisely because there is nothing after. Everything there is is encapsulated here. I must value it. Sex, love, everything. I must value the experiences I have, know that each one has it’s opportunity cost, and only have the experience if the opportunity cost is tiny compared to the experience.
  • I have acted a lot out of fear and scarcity. These acts never bring enjoyment. I must absolutely refuse to do them.
  • Asha is extremely effective and annoyingly persistent in getting me to beat procrastination and be awesome.
  • If I just start, I can get started working. Momentum helps.
  • Rooms with no windows make occupants sleepy
  • Preparing for a call is hugely beneficial. You’ll be more confident and have better things to say
  • Always focus on the big stuff first. If you can’t get the ball rolling, do some small and inspirational stuff first.
  • A win is quite motivating
  • Always work with those you love to work with
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